The Emily Swanson Series (Book 3)



You can’t escape your darkest thoughts…

Emily Swanson came face to face with a psychopath – and survived. But the ordeal has left its scars. Determined to move on with her life, she visits a weekend retreat called Meadow Pines. With its forest setting and strict ban on technology, it’s the perfect escape.

Until one of the guests is found hanging from a tree.

The evidence points to suicide. But when help fails to arrive and the guests start turning on each other, it’s clear that Meadow Pines is not the safe haven it claims to be.

Miles from the nearest town and with darkness falling fast, Emily must race to uncover the horrifying truth… because there’s a murderer at the retreat – who’s about to kill again.

Mind for Murder is the second gripping book in the Emily Swanson series and will keep you guessing from the edge of your seat.

What readers say about Mind For Murder:

★★★★★ “Shades of Agatha Christie and echoes of Lord of the Flies.”

★★★★★ “Grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.”

★★★★★ “ An exciting multiple murder mystery which had me changing my mind about the murderer with every twist and turn.”

★★★★★ “This is a brilliantly written book. The Emily Swanson series is so enjoyable to read and hard to put down!”

★★★★★ “The tension was so gripping and I am now about to settle down with book 3. What a delight to have found another superb author.”

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